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Environmental Statement

DRLT MEDIA are proud to announce that we have been Carbon Negative since 2015. Through partnering with the CarbonFund, we actively offset not just company carbon emissions but also those of all our employees personal carbon footprints.

We understand and recognise that we have just one planet and that we as a company need to protect it…

We made the decision to go Carbon Free in 2015, at that point we started to actively assess our companies carbon emissions output, and were surprised with how high the emissions are in our industry. With servers running 24/7 to keep our site online, more servers to allow our site to be accessed fast worldwide, and even further servers to allow us to host, store, and stream videos. These servers need not just power to run, but also extensive power to keep them cool and working efficiently, to stop them overheating and becoming damaged. On top of our online emissions, we also have high travel emissions with working both in the production, management and marketing of adult online material.

We immediately took steps to address this through working with the CarbonFund to assess our emissions and create a yearly offset based on our usage from 2015 (with a review this yearly, increasing it should our emissions increase, but not to decrease it should our emissions decrease, making us effectively carbon negative by 2019). We also decided in 2015 to assess the emissions of our small in-house workforce and to commit to offset their personal carbon footprints also when making out own carbon offsets. We now partner with Climeco the successor to from 2024, as part of the Climeco Business Certification Program.

We also in 2015 decided that since our business had run since 2010 that we should also offset our Legacy emissions and pay off our businesses carbon debt to society. This meant we made commitments to offset and pay through the CarbonFund a further 5 years of carbon offsets to cover all emissions ever produced by the business operations.

While profits are always a leader in the world of business we do not believe that profit should come at the cost to our planet. Since about 50% of our business is retail operations; in that we make a moderate commission from sales of memberships to sites that we link to (otherwise known as affiliate marketing), we have pledged that on top of our current carbon offsets for both our staff and business, we we in a small way help towards the emissions of our retail customers also. While we cannot offset all the emissions of our customers due to the financial costs this would incur, since 2020 we have pledged to work with partners at the CarbonFund and OneTreePlanted to plant one tree for every commission payment that we recieve that is over $20.

Another Measure we have taken that has truly cemented us as Carbon Negative in 2020 is to move all our server hosting over to a green hosting solution for our servers. Our chosen host GreenGeeks is 300% carbon negative, and powered by wind energy, with surplus sold back to national grids of electric, further allowing others to share carbon neutral benefits.

While we understand that carbon offsetting should only be used as a measure after reducing, reusing and recycling, and so we actively assess our carbon emissions as a business and attempt to identify any means by which we can reduce our emissions on a periodical basis, and action this across our whole business model. We also encourage staff to recycle both in their workplace environment and at home for those who are distance workers.

At our core, we are committed to fostering a sustainable and eco-friendly environment. We prioritize environmental consciousness in all aspects of our operations and continuously strive to minimize our carbon footprint. By promoting responsible practices, conserving resources, and implementing eco-friendly measures, we aim to contribute positively to the planet. Additionally, we actively seek and choose partners who share our vision and are committed to carbon neutrality. Together, we can create a greener future and make a collective impact towards preserving our planet for generations to come.

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